Elected official after elected official has insulted our intelligence for over two decades by complaining about the deficit, especially when it fits their agenda or narrative; but collectively have done nothing to curtail it. A deficit should only occur when there is a crisis, such as the Corona-Virus Pandemic or 9-11. The United States has run a deficit for decades save for a small period during the Clinton Administration.

Deficit spending and running a deficit is one thing, it’s a credit card that our government has always been able to manage, but at what point does it become a runaway train where some belt tightening and a favorable economic climate can no longer make a real dent. I believe we are there now.

You cannot reduce the current size of our deficit overnight, but we currently show no will to address it, which can be addressed incrementally through adjustments to tax code loopholes, curtailment of some foreign aid and a complete review of expenses of government officials.

It is certainly not easy, but there has to be a starting point to begin a downward trend.