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Map of Offices

14 Sagamore Avenue
Suffern, New York 10901

In the four elections I have been in, Suffern Trustee – 2011; Suffern Mayor – 2013, Rockland County Legislature – 2015 and 2019, I have taken only one donation; a $99.00 contribution from a neighbor who I thought would be insulted if I returned it.

While I have funded all of my own campaigns, running for a seat in the United States Congress is an entirely different subject. Whoever my opponent will be (subject to redistricting) they will raise obscene sums of money, as they all buy into the culture we have created of buying elections and being bought by third parties supporting an agenda.

I will not be taking any donations from anyone in return for any expectation of any agenda except the agenda of good government.

If I am not successful any funds remaining, which will probably be unlikely, will be returned on a pro-rated basis to those donating as I deem it unfair to spend your hardworking money aiding any other candidate or political apparatus.

Depending on the amount of your donation, you may be asked to sign a statement that the funds being donated are your personal funds and not those of a third-party, which is a violation of New York State and federal law.

If you wish to donate you may send your check payable to Charles Falciglia for Congress, 14 Sagamore Avenue, Suffern New York 10901.

Thank you for your support. If you wish to receive a lawn sign, when the time comes, please email me at