Social Security is an integral part of our economic engine and our
greatest financial safety net. However, it has been a political football
by elected officials for decades, from raiding it and raising age
requirements; to cover their own financial mismanagement, to threats
of it being taken away.

There are several changes I would like to pursue, which I believe
would increase disposable income, which is the single greatest driving
factor for a healthy economy.

1.) Reduce the maximum collection age for full benefits to 65. Too
often many individuals, due to illness or death, fail to reap the
financial and quality of life benefits for a lifetime of hard work.

2.) Increase the current death benefit from the ridiculously low
$255.00 and expand the pool of eligible recipients to help defray the
high cost of burial.

3.) Provide a benefit provision to family heirs if the beneficiary
passes away prior to the minimum collection age of 62, based on that
individual’s contributions.

4.) Place no limit on the amount you can earn between minimum and
maximum benefit collection age.

5.) Uncap employee contributions, which currently cease at
$142,800.00 to offset the cost of the increased benefits.

These are all starting point suggestions and certainly not limited to
additional changes or ideas that may arise from a full healthy debate.